Liam the Brave – Flying Dog Classic Easy Swaddle by Aden + Anais


Aden and Anais Liam the Brave (Flying Dog) Easy Swaddle offers a simple way to swaddle your baby. Swaddling doesn’t come easy to every mom or dad; that’s why there is Aden and Anais Easy Swaddles, featuring snaps that guide you on getting that perfect tight and snug swaddle.

The Liam the Brave – Flying Dog Easy Swaddle is 100% cotton muslin, lightweight, featuring snaps to make swaddling easier. This white swaddling blanket is complimented by the playful flying dogs in white and blue. This is a wonderful swaddling blanket, great for little baby boys with its handsome blue color scheme.

What we love about muslin swaddling blankets is that it’s a lightweight, breathable fabric – which means it’s safer for baby because the open weave and lightweight nature of the fabric means that your baby has a lower risk of overheating (one of the commonly believed causes of SIDS), but muslin is also stretchy so baby has a little wiggle room and won’t ever be uncomfortable. Muslin is also durable and will stand up to multiple washes. Muslin also gets softer with washes.

* 100% cotton muslin easy swaddle
* Muslin is breathable and comfy
* Easy to secure and adjusts withs simple snaps
* Liam the Brave – Flying Dog design.

Size: Large

Liam the Brave – Flying Dog Easy Swaddle by Aden and Anais is available in LARGE SIZE. This is ideal for babies 3-6 months old; 14-20 pounds (6.3 to 9.1 kg); and 23″ to 28″ tall.

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Aden and Anais Classic Easy Swaddles offer a simple and easy way to swaddle your baby. Taking all the guesswork out of swaddling, the Easy Swaddle has snaps in all the right places. Simply place baby in, keeping his or her arms by her side or across the chest, and then fasten the snaps.

The adorable Liam the Brave Flying Dog design makes this Aden and Anais Easy Swaddle even better. You will love the adorable flying dog in white and blue, perfect for any boy or girl. Made of 100% cotton muslin, this easy swaddle blanket is lightweight, durable, and breathable. Muslin is one of the most gentle, purest, and simplest fabrics in the world, safe and comfortable for baby.

How to Swaddle Using Aden and Anais Muslin Easy Swaddles

Aden and Anais How to Swaddle with Easy Swaddle Blanket


Position your baby in the easy swaddle.

Gently place your infant’s arms across his or her chest, slightly bent at the elbow and tucked into the opening of the easy swaddle blanket.



Aden and Anais How to Swaddle with Easy Muslin Wearable Swaddle Blanket



This next part is super easy! Fasten the snaps at the top of the swaddle, making sure that your baby’s arms stay tucked in.



Aden and Anais How to Swaddle with Easy Muslin Wearable Swaddle Blanket Step 3


Now that baby is all tucked in, take the left side of the easy swaddle and bring it across your little one’s chest.

Next, do the same thing to the other side. Take the right side of the swaddle and bring it across to the other side. Simple as pie.



Aden and Anais Easy Swaddle Instructions Step 4


Finally, bring any extra fabric around the back of your baby and fasten with the snaps to secure your baby tight.

Congratulations! You’ve now swaddled with the easy swaddle from Aden and Anais. It’s so easy!

Additional information

Weight.4125 lbs
Dimensions13.5 × 12.5 × 1 in

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