Baby Dance Fertility Lubricant (Sperm-Friendly Lubricant Made Without Parabens)


Trouble getting pregnant? Meet BabyDance Fertility Lubricant, the only fertility lubricant made without parabens.

BabyDance Fertility Lubricant is a personal fertility lubricant that’s specifically designed for couples trying to conceive (TTC) by supplementing natural lubricating fluids and to enhance the comfort of intimacy. BabyDance helps the sperm get to the egg more easily by mimicking the quality and consistency of the cervical fluids that are produced when you are fertile. BabyDance Fertility Lubricant is compatible with sperm, oocytes, and embryos and is designed for use by trying to conceive couples.

This fertility lubricant is intended to moisturize, lubricate, and enhance the comfort and ease of sexual activity. It is the only FDA-approved fertility lubricant made without any parabens. All other lubricants contain parabens (such as methylparaben and propylparaben).

Unlike traditional personal lubricants, BabyDance does not interfere with essential sperm functions, including Motility, DNA Quality, Penetration into Cervical Mucus, or Ability to Fertilize and Support Embryo Development. This Fertility Lubricant is Water-Based with Clary Sage to support optimal vaginal health.

The Baby Dance Fertility Lubricant mimics the pH and consistency of cervical mucus. Every batch of this product is tested per FDA requirements to make sure that it will not harm sperm or egg function. It is salt balanced to vaginal tissues, so that it will not cause water to move into or out of your vaginal cells. (Commercial lubricants often are hypertonic and dehydrate your cells.) It has no glycerol, which has been proven to have a chemical toxic effect on sperm, resulting in decreased embryo development after fertilization.

* Fertility Lubricant Without Parabens
* Specifically Designed for Trying to Conceive (TTC) Couples
* Water Based, Non-Irritating Lubricant with Clary Sage
* Mimics the pH and Consistency of Cervical Mucus
* No Glycerol
* Replenishes Moisture and Has a Light, Fresh Smell (Botanical Raspberry Humectants and Clary Sage).
* Made in the USA in an ISO 13485 and GMP-certified facility.

Each Box includes 6 Single Use Tubes and 6 Applicators (0.1 oz each).

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Baby Dance Fertility Lubricant is the Sperm Friendly Lubricant Made Without Parabens

Are you having trouble getting pregnant? Before you go to the fertility clinic, or try IVF, try to conceive naturally with the Baby Dance Fertility Lubricant. This sperm friendly lubricant might just be the fertility aid you need to help you get pregnant.

Why Do I Need a Fertility Lubricant?

Most everyday lubricants have a low pH and very high salt concentrations, and are harmful to sperm. Fertility lubricants undergo specialized testing to ensure that they won’t harm sperm or eggs. Lubricants that are safe to use when trying to conceive should have a pH of about 7 and should mimic the consistency of your cervical secretions, which help the sperm to swim through your cervix to meet the egg for conception. With the Baby Dance Fertility Lubricant, sperm can

Human sperm in semen are able to swim into BabyDance Fertility Lubricant and penetrate the gel rapidly in high numbers.

Sperm in Baby Dance Fertility Lubricant
Sperm using Baby Dance
Sperm without Baby Dance Fertility Lubricant
Sperm without Non-Fertility Lubricant

A Message from Peter Rizk MD, MA, FRCOG, FRCS, HCLD, FACOG, FACS

“It is helpful to finally have a paraben-free fertility lubricant that I can recommend to my patients. After reviewing the clinical data, I believe BabyDance to be the clear market leader for fertility lubricants and a great help for couples who are trying to conceive naturally. The isotonic formula is pH matched to fertile cervical fluids so it won’t irritate sensitive vaginal tissues, and it won’t harm sperm function. This is a product we will be recommending to all our trying-to-conceive patients.”

All of the Good Stuff, None of the Bad

With BabyDance, you don’t have to worry about doing more harm than good. Unlike other lubricating products that contain chemicals such as parabens, glycerol, and oils that can cause tissue irritation, BabyDance contains no oils, no glycerin, no hormones, and no parabens.

BabyDance, a member of the IsoLove family of biogels, is 100% isotonic, so it keeps your vaginal cells properly hydrated and preserves cell structure and function. Many lubricating products are hypertonic or hypotonic, meaning they pull water out, or push water into, vaginal cells. This forced movement of water changes vaginal cell shape and biology, leading to irritation, tissue damage and disruptions of the vaginal ecosystem.

BabyDance is the first isotonic, made-without-paraben fertility lubricant to be cleared by the FDA.

When should I use BabyDance?

Use BabyDance during your fertile window when you are trying to maximize your chances of conception.

How many applications are in the box?

Each box comes with 6 single use tubes and 6 single use applicators.

How much BabyDance should I use?

BabyDance’s unique myDose application system allows you to choose the desired amount of product to moisturize and supplement natural lubrication. Select one single use tube and snap and twist on an applicator to the tube. Squeeze the tube to fill the applicator to the 3 gram fill line. If you find that this is too much during your intimacy, simply use a clean cloth to wipe off the vulvar area, and continue with intimacy. Next time, you can adjust the amount of BabyDance that you put into the applicator based on your needs for supplemental lubrication.


Purified water, cetyl hydroxyethylcellulose, hypromellose, carbomer homopolymer type B, sodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, raspberry-derived xylose, sodium hydroxide, phenethyl alcohol, caprylyl glycol, Salvia sclarea (clary sage).

BabyDance is an FDA Class II medical device.

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