Benbini Mommy Watch – Gray/Raspberry


The Benbini Mommy Watch in gray and raspberry makes a fashion statement! From the stylish gray band to the watch face in pretty pink, this watch offers everything a new mom wants – both function and style! It makes the perfect baby shower gift or new baby present to the new mom. Featuring a bangle cuff, made of silicon material, and a patented dual bezel, the Benbini Watch makes it simple to keep track of time.

  • * Patented dual bezels
  • * Sleek and ergonomic design
  • * Silicon material of the band feels comfortable
  • * Left/Right slider for breastfeeding moms
  • * Water resistant
  • * Developed by two moms

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Who doesn’t love gray and pink together? The Benbini Mommy Watch in Gray and Raspberry makes a true fashion statement, and it’s functional to boot. Pretty on any wrist, the Benbini Watch offers everything you may need as a new mom – innovative bezels, rings around the watch face , that help you keep track of time, whether it’s helping you remember the last time you breastfed, or how long your older child has in time-out, or how long your baby has been sleeping. Use the Benbini mommy watch’s bezels like a bookmark for time to help you keep on track!

Here’s how the bezels work: there are two bezels (or rings around the watch face) on the Benbini mommy watch. The inner bezel measures hours; the other bezel measures minutes. To use it to time, rotate the arrows to line up with the hour and minute hands. After time passes, the hour and minute hands will point to exactly how much time has passed since you last did the parenting task you’re keeping track of.

Did we mention the Benbini is the only patented dual bezel watch on the market today? Buy now and enjoy the benefits of the stylish Benbini mommy watch!

Great for breastfeeding, the Benbini Gray and Raspberry Pink watch has a Left/Right slider on its side to help remind you which breast you last nursed with. How simple and helpful is that?

The Benbini Watch in Pink and Gray from the side

The ergonomic design of the Benbini makes it ideal for babies and new mothers. First, we love that this watch band is made of a silicon material, which makes it soft on your skin. It’s also easy to slip on and off with its bangle design. And best of all – it’s water resistant.

There’s no better baby shower gift than the Benbini watch!

Also available in other chic colors!


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