Boxer the Dog 22″ Plush Toy by Organic Farm Buddies


Organic Farm Buddies’ Boxer the Dog 22″ Plush Toy is a playful little doggie who knows how to have a good time. He loves to party in his red and tan polka dotted boxers, and he loves showing off his blue and white stripes. His handsome red bow tie give him a distinguished air, and he wants to become your little boy’s new best friend. Boxer the Dog has one chocolate eye, which match his chocolate brown arms and feet. He’s just so much fun!

Part of Apple Park’s Organic Farm Buddies collection, Boxer the Dog is made with 100% organic cotton fabric and filled with a hypoallergenic filler – no polyester.

* 100% Organic Cotton Fabric
* Hypoallergenic sustainable corn fiber filler
* Certified Non-Toxic and No Phthalates
* No Harmful Chemical Dyes, Synthetic Pesticides, PVC, or Polyester Fillings

Dimensions: 22″

In stock

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