Catnap Kitty 14″ Plush Toy by Organic Farm Buddies


Catnap Kitty 14″ Plush Toy is soft and cuddly and makes a wonderful gift for any little girl. Catnap Kitty loves lazily in the sunshine and prefers spending her days at the beach or by a pool. With her heart-shaped glasses and pink polka dotted bikini, this kitty always has a smile on her face. She has purple and white stripes, and the design is complete with baby pink hands and feet. Your little girl will love playing with this kitty stuffed animal.

All the Organic Farm Buddies by Apple Park are made with 100% organic cotton fabric and filled with a hypoallergenic filler – no polyester. Packaged with recycled paper, printed with soy ink. Catnap Kitty Plush Toy makes a wonderful gift!

* 100% Organic Cotton Fabric
* Hypoallergenic sustainable corn fiber filler
* Certified Non-Toxic and No Phthalates
* No Harmful Chemical Dyes, Synthetic Pesticides, PVC, or Polyester Fillings
* Packaging: Recycled Paper printed with soy ink

Dimensions: 14”

In stock

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