Catnap Kitty Blankie by Organic Farm Buddies


Organic Farm Buddies by Apple Park’s Catnap Kitty Blankie is a girl’s best friend. from her hearts-shaped sunglasses rimmed in pink, which perfectly matched her adorable purple and white face. The pink polka dotted with white body of this blankie makes us tickled pink!

Made of 100% organic cotton fabric and filled with a hypoallergenic sustain corn fiber, Catnap Kitty is such a fun lovie that your child will love.

* Organic Cotton
* Certified Non-Toxic and Non-Phthalate
* No Harmful Chemical Dyes, Synthetic Pesticides, PVC, or Polyester Fillings
* The Packaging is Printed on Recycled Paper with Soy Ink

Dimensions: 12″ x 12″ inches

In stock

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Weight1 lbs

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