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The Fairhaven Health Digital Basal Thermometer makes it easy for women trying to conceive (TTC) to know her accurate basal body temperature (BBT). This digital basal body thermometer provides temperature readings 1/100th of a degree Fahrenheit, offering pinpoint accuracy and ease of use.

Created specifically for fertility charting, this basal body thermometer includes a peak temperature indicator and digital memory recall.

* Large, easy to read digital display
* Digital memory recall for most recent reading
* Peak temperature indicator sound
* Certified accuracy to 1/10th of a degree
* Digital display reads to 1/100th of a degree (ex: 98.56)
* Mercury-free

Includes a replaceable battery, clear storage case and ovulation charts.

Please note: the digital basal thermometer only reads in Fahrenheit.

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When you’re trying to conceive, charting your basal body temperature is one of the easiest – not to mention free way – to predict ovulation. If you haven’t charted your BBT before, start with the day you get your period. So Day 1 on your chart would be Day 1 of your Period.

You can print out free copies online – check out this FREE basal body temperature chart from the office of Women’s Health. Print out a copy, and get to charting!

Each day, take your temperature with the Digital Basal Thermometer. Put a dot on the chart that matches your temperature. Connect the dots to see how your BBT fluctuates on a daily basis. Right around the time you ovulate, you will notice a spike in temperature. Sometimes, it takes a few months (a couple of cycles) before you can see a pattern of when you ovulate. This can help you predict when the best time to have sex is. Good luck!

Helpful Tip: Take your temperature at the same time every day. This will make your charting the most accurate. Many women record their basal body temperature when they first wake up everyday. If you need to, set an alarm for the time you record your BBT.

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