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Fertile Mind Footless SoftTights offer a footless maternity tights, perfect for pregnant women who want tights that have the look and feel of leggings. Made of a super comfortable and stretchy microfiber and spandex fabric, these opaque black tights fit over your pregnancy bump and won’t slip down. Because of low sheen 70 denier hose and the fact that they are footless maternity tights, they have the look of leggings! Featuring an extra large cotton crotch for comfort and breathability, you will love how comfortable these maternity tights feel.

Unlike traditional tights that constrict your waist and offer no support (not to mention, they are uncomfortable the bigger you get), Fertile Mind’s SoftTights support your growing bump and are super comfortable to wear, regardless of how big you get. These footless pregnancy tights have an over belly design, which means they won’t fall down. They will also retain their stretch after pregnancy so you can wear them in your postpartum period.

* Low sheen 70 denier hose
* Classic black opaque maternity tights
* Footless design
* Soft and stretchy with cotton gusset
* Smooth feel of microfiber with Spandex for durability and stretch

Each package of Fertile Mind SoftTights comes with 1 pair of matte black opaque maternity tights.

Only available in one size – Multisize.

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Fertile Mind Footless SoftTights are footless maternity tights that are super comfortable, stretchy and look like leggings with its low sheen 70 denier hose! A must-have for any expectant mother’s wardrobe, these maternity leggings look-a-like make it easy for you to continue wearing your favorite tunic topics and dresses, all the while looking chic and gorgeous. Leg slimming and figure flatting, Fertile Mind’s Footless Soft Tights are great for any pregnant woman who hates wearing tights but loves leggings and wants a product that will support her growing pregnancy bump.

The opaque black fabric will keep you warm, while the combination of 89% Microfiber Nylon, 9% Spandex and 2% Cotton offers a stretchy maternity tight that is comfortable and not itchy like traditional tights. They also have an extra large cotton crotch area for breathability where you need it most. Plus, did we mention that black goes with pretty much anything and everything?

These pregnancy tights fit over your belly, preventing them from slipping down. Their unique design and stretchy, comfortable material will not constrict or belly tight on your belly, like other tights. You will love my comfortable you feel in these footless maternity tights!

Also available in a SoftTights closed-toe design. Hand wash recommended; do not tumble dry. One size only.

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