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Milkies Freeze offers a convenient “first in and first out” freezer storage system for breast milk. Freezing breast milk has never been easier and more organized! The container can hold up to 60 oz of breast milk. It’s also the Winner of the Cribsie Awards 2014 for New Arrivals.

Here’s how it works – the entire unit goes into the freezer. The metal tray goes on top. Use any standard breast milk storage bag. After you pour your breast milk into a storage bag, lay it flat on top of the metal quick freeze tray. This freezes your breast milk flat, and it also helps it freeze faster. Once your milk is frozen, slip it into the top slot at the top (the “in”). The breast milk bag will fall to the bottom of the storage container (the “out).

When dad or grandma want to feed the baby, simply pull a bag from the bottom of the Freeze. So it’s a “first in, first out” system. You will always use your oldest breast milk first, and that’s how you’ll want to use your milk – oldest breast milk first.

The Milkies Freeze organizes your breast milk in the order you pumped it. You will never have to worry about using frozen breast milk out of order. This wonderful breast milk storage and organization system does it all over you.

* Holds up to 60 oz of breast milk
* Can be used with any standard sized milk storage bag
* First in, first out system ensures you use your oldest breast milk first
* Unit can be dissembled for easy cleaning
* Prevents contamination of breast milk with other items in your freezer

Dimensions: 6.25″ x 5″ x 8.5″
Milk storage bags sold separately

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Milkies Freeze 2014 Cribsie Award WinnerWinner of the Cribsie Awards 2014 for New Arrivals, the Milkies Freeze Breast Milk Storage system is a must-have when you are freezing breast milk. No longer do you need to dig through your freezer to recover lost bags of breast milk! And you don’t have to worry about using your milk out of order. This award-winning milk storage system is the answer to your breast milk storage worries!

With its “first in, first out” system, the Milkies Freeze makes it easy for you to stay organized – which can be hard when you’re a new mom. All you have to do is collect your breast milk in any storage bag of your choice, freeze the milk flat on the metal tray at the top, then slip the frozen breast milk into the “in” slot at the top. Then when it’s time to use your frozen breast milk, pull out the bag on the very bottom at the “out” slot. So easy!

The Milkies Freeze can store up to 60 ounces of breast milk.

Milkies Freeze Reviews

“The Milkies Freeze is a genius. I love how it does all the organization for you. Just throw the bag through the top and when you need a bag of milk, just grab it from the bottom. Compact enough to fit in your freezer. No more scattered bags all ove rthe place!” – Alicia

“Love it. Stores plenty of breast milk and saves it from getting ripped up. Wish I had it months ago” – Jodi.

“This is such a life saver. We have a tiny freezer and no matter how well I’ve tried to organize my milk, it always ends up with the dates all out of order. This has been so helpful to protect my bags so they don’t get torn up or ripped, so my hubby can just pull the bag on the bottom. Oh! And because it takes up such a small amount of space, when you open the door, you don’t have to worry about the milk falling out. Love this thing!” – Misty.

“I’m an overproducer, so I pump and store my breast milk to donate to babies who need it. In the past, I’ve been laying the bags flat on top of a frozen food box and then transferring them into a gift bag in the freezer for storage. This worked OK but then the bag got crushed with frozen food and then sometimes, random bags of milk would flat around my freezer. SO the Milkies Freeze has been awesome in helping me organize. I love how all the features are contained in one product. I was worried about the front panel popping off too easily, but it doesn’t. It comes off when I need it for cleaning, but otherwise, it stays put. I really love this product and wish I had it with my oldest baby.” – Katie

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