Miracle Blanket – Blue with Chocolate Polka Dots


The Miracle Blanket in Blue with Chocolate Polka Dots offers a handsome design for your swaddling your little man! Gorgeous blue is paired with playful polka dots in chocolate brown. Great for any mom and her baby boy, this swaddle blanket makes a thoughtful and unique baby shower gift. The Miracle Blanket is the #1 pediatrician recommended swaddling blanket, and it is 100% effective at getting your yelling, fussy and colicky baby to sleep.

Guaranteed to stop colicky, crying babies, this snug swaddling blanket will make baby feel warm and secure. Guaranteed to ease fussiness in any baby and allow baby to sleep soundly and comfortable – or your money back!

Made of a super soft, high quality cotton knit fabric that is breathable, the Miracle Blanket has stretchy fabric that absorbs your baby’s movements, but it’s sturdy enough that its snug enough that your baby can’t wiggle his way out of it. The cotton fabric is very durable, so it stands up to multiple washings! This swaddling blanket is the “cure” that you’ve been waiting for.

Loved by celebrity babies, did you know that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West used the Miracle Blanket to help their baby, North West go to sleep in the first months of her life?

Miracle Blanket guarantees 100% effectiveness and comes with lifetime guarantee against defects and damages. If you don’t love it, we will refund you your money! 100% satisfaction guaranteed! This is a must-have baby product and a great unique baby shower gift.

Your baby will sleep better, longer and won’t be as fussy when she wakes up, Which lets you take a breather, which makes both mom and baby happier!

* 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
* Stops Colic Guaranteed
* Easy to Use (Instructions Below)
* No Velcro or Zips to Scratch or Wake Baby
* Prevents Facial Scratches
* Stop Twitches That Wake Your Baby
* Helps Baby Sleep on Her Back
* One Size Fits All

Fabric: 100% Cotton Knit
Color: Blue with Chocolate Polka Dots

Dimensions: 72″ x 24″

Miracle Blanket Instructions

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The Blue with Chocolate Polka Dots Miracle Blanket is an adorable way to keep your little baby boy all swaddled up, comfy and cozy. Featuring a stylish design in blue with charming polka dots in chocolate brown, this makes a great baby shower gift for any mom and her son!

This is the #1 pediatrician recommended swaddling blanket, backed by a lifetime guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. What do you have to lose? This polka dotted blue swaddling blanket also makes a unique baby shower gift to any mom expecting a girl!  It’s so useful and will get babies to calm down in no time flat! Guaranteed to calm your crying and fussy baby and stop colic or your money back, this blue swaddling blanket for baby girls is made of high quality, breathable cotton and it works by making your baby feel warm and secure.

Help your baby sleep better than ever before with this 100% cotton knit Miracle Blanket, recommended by pediatricians and healthcare professions. Easy to put on – you don’t have to be a swaddling expert with this, and it will help any fussy, yelling or colicky baby calm down and go to sleep. Babies sleep better on their backs too. When baby sleeps soundly, so do you!

We recommend swaddling from birth until 14 weeks. Stop using the Miracle Blanket or any swaddling products once your baby shows signs of being able to roll over. Please do not use this product or any other swaddling product with a car seat. Always use a baby car seat exactly the way the manufacturer recommends it!

Swaddling your baby is as easy as 1, 2 and 3. Here’s how to do it:

How to Use the Miracle Blanket

Miracle Blanket Instructions

Miracle Blanket InstructionsStep 1: First, lay this swaddling blanket on a flat surface. Make sure the foot pouch of the swaddling blanket is at the bottom, near baby’s feet.

Lay your baby between the arm flaps with the top of her shoulders just slightly above the blanket.

Step 2: Fold the Miracle Blanket’s arm flaps over your baby’s arms and tuck them snugly under the baby’s back of each side. (Lift your baby’s bottom to double check that the arm flaps are flat and snug underneath your little one’s back.)

Miracle Blanket Instructions Foot flap

Step 3: Pull the foot pocket of the blanket over your baby’s feet. If your baby’s feet don’t reach the foot pocket yet, don’t worry.

For smaller babies, whose feet can’t fit in the foot pocket just yet, you can fold up the foot pocket so your baby’s feet touch the bottom of the wrap.

Next, it’s time for the swaddling part!

Miracle Blanket InstructionsMiracle Swaddle Completed Steps

Step 4: Fold the right side of the Miracle Blanket over your baby’s tummy and tuck it under the left arm pit (the baby’s right side).

Step 5: Wrap the left side of the blanket over the top of your baby’s tummy and all the way around. Pull the blanket snug so your baby can’t get out of it.

How to Swaddle Using the Miracle Blanket – VIDEO

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